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Murder mystery party? What a KILLER idea!

A murder mystery party is an excellent way to enjoy a fun evening with friends, colleagues, and family! Concerned about your guests getting bored or not mingling? What about friends who don't know anyone? Murder mystery parties are incredibly enjoyable, leaving your friends astonished! Our murder mystery games or a murder mystery dinner provide an exciting and unique experience unlike anything they've encountered before. If you're seeking a thrilling night of interactive mystery, you've come to the right place and with 33 years of experience, we are the best!

Our Canadian Murder Mystery Party Games

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Teenager murder mystery games

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Mini Murder Mystery Party F.A.Q. Canada

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    • How much do murder mystery games cost? Click the game images above to see the prices.
    • Do we need a host? It's up to you. You purchase a game from us then run it yourself or hire a murder mystery party host.
    • Are you available on...? Click hire a murder mystery host. Contact the party hosts to check their availability.
    • Does everyone get a character? They sure do.
    • What do I get? Our murder mystery games contain between 100 and 300 items to make your party amazing.
    • Can I ask questions? Of course. Click "Contact Us" above.

How does a murder mystery party work?

Murder Mystery Games

Recent feedback about our murder mystery parties:

Thank you for our fantastic Murder in a Box mystery! We held our Staff Christmas function last year and had the best time. It was a great way to boost morale; everyone got involved, and we all had a blast. I can't wait to try another theme. The instructions are easy to follow, and it includes everyone! You can't go wrong!
---Annette Carone---

A big thank you for your amazing product! I used it for my 18th birthday, and I didn't receive a single complaint. Everyone agreed that it was much better than a regular get-together, and we all had a blast.

We had a fabulous evening. The download and instructions were straightforward. My daughter acted as the host, and I worked on the props and costumes, turning our home into a blood-splattered crime scene inspired by Manson, Dahmer, Bundy, Kemper, and Milat. My guests loved it. The game was challenging enough to keep everyone engaged but not too long to lose focus.

We had a fabulous evening. The download was very straightforward as were all the instructions. My daughter acted as the host. I worked on the props and costumes turning our home into a blood splattered crime scene that channelled Manson, Dahmer, Bundy, Kemper and Milat for dinner. My guests loved it. The game was complex enough to challenge and not so long as to lose people's attention. This is a very good product and l happily recommend it.
---Amanda Edwards---

I just wanted to thank you for helping to make my 50th birthday murder mystery party a very special and memorable occasion. The dinner went perfectly and Chris is a masterful host who interacts wonderfully and involves the whole company. Again, many thanks for helping with a magical night.
---Sean Dorman's 50th---

We can supply a downloadable murder mystery kit. Once you have your murder mystery game you can run the kit yourself, or hire a professional host. Your host will start with some fun and then announce a tragic death! In small teams your guests will work together to identify the killer. If you are looking for mystery game ideas you have found the best supplier of games and packages anywhere.

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